5 Suggestions to Identify a GREAT Recruitment Agency

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Although my mother has a vision of me building beautiful boardroom with professionals in suits, the exterior visualizes Recruiters equal to sleazy car salesmen with hairy chests and gold chains.

So if you feel a customer or candidate seeking to add quality professionals on your team or would like to find a new career opportunity, how do you identify a fantastic recruitment agency to do business with?

1. They’re experts relating to your industry: Ensure that the recruiting agency understands your industry. Inside a perfect world, you’ll need a niche recruiting agency which specializes only in your industry. It’s just like learning a foreign language – you’ll be able to take a class in Spanish in support of be able to ask where the bathrooms are, or turn to Mexico and turn into absorbed inside the language… and so develop into an authority! A top quality niched recruitment agency will guarantee their recruiters are “absorbed” in the market and will quickly identify quality candidates in addition to quality hiring companies.

2. They provide Hiring consultation: An old recruiting agency may well be more than the usual “match making agency” and may provide training for effective interviewing for their candidates as well as their Hiring teams. Additionally, look for agencies who help with resume reviews for candidates, write job descriptions for clients, and supply consultation on compensation ranges to both candidates and clients.

3. They produce a relationship: Having a recruiting agency needs to be about having a relationship, not a one-time business transaction. You have to be assigned a dedicated, seasoned, Account Manager… this also Account Manager shouldn’t leave after just a couple of months. Should you not feel your bank account Manager is honest, transparent, which is genuinely thinking about helping you, then this is not recruiting agency to suit your needs.

4. Clients – They feature a guarantee: Determine if the preferred employment agencies in cape town focuses on quality and provides an assurance on the placements. Should your recruitment team has a robust recruitment and screening process, they’ll feel so strongly of their power to identify excellent professionals they’re going to provide a guarantee.

5. Clients – They do more than search job boards: A good recruiting company will “direct source” into targeted companies to discover quality candidates rather than post positions and wait for unhappily employed or unemployed to utilize. Because of this you are likely to hire a staff member who may have made a career choice to go for your organization… not simply somebody that needs a job.

The past statement I might make is all about payment. I’d always recommend at your job an agency who behaves as you have them on retainer, but only earns money once they come up with a placement. Oh and, as being a candidate you must not have to pay a dime! These agencies are rare, are true partners to you personally plus your organization, and practice the “and then some factor”.
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