Backyard & Exterior big screen Hire Solutions

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Wow your pals and guests by hosting an original inflatable outdoor cinema or backyard cinema screen with projector, with DVD player and speakers whether you’re in Sydney or beyond. If you’ve really been craving a backyard movie experience with your own backyard, don’t make use of dragging your flat panel and enough extension leads and power boards to make an electrician cringe. Now there’s a safer alternative that won’t produce a spontaneous electrical fire. Our outdoor cinema hire packages are a good way to celebrate with friends

Our inflatable backyard cinema hire makes movie nights outside in the newest air easier than ever before and can be the perfect accessory a social event. You provide you with the location and that we provide the equipment and fun. Just choose the movie you want to see, and that we can setup the cinema almost anywhere including ovals, local gardens or maybe your own backyard. Call us at outdoor movies to discuss your upcoming outdoor screen hire in Sydney today, then pair it using a popcorn machine for your authentic cinema experience in your house!

Have you ever watched classics such as Alien or footy final for the giant screen? Our inflatable big screen hire service provides you with the ability to run events featuring your favourite films. No matter what occasion, our outdoor cinema hire package can accommodate a number of different events of any size. Great for backyard movie nights, kids’ parties, watching the football or cricket, chick flicks using the girls, company events, weddings, birthdays, and even PlayStation and Xbox games plus so much more!

ONE COMPLETE PRICE For the Giant screen HIRE
There’s nothing quite like storming a virtual battlefield or thundering around a racecourse within your V8 for the silver screen. Take your video game nights to another level with your movie cinema packages. You won’t be able to return to regular gaming again when you have the thrilling rush of enjoying each of the action on our inflatable outdoor movie cinema screens.

An outside movie a very good idea as being fundraiser or as a cheap public event. Use it either as being stand-alone event or perhaps addition for other celebrations for the local/community festival. If you have inquiries about our outdoor cinema hire Sydney, or to insurance policy for a free of charge quote, our friendly personnel at Epic will almost always be available to respond to your questions. Which are more professional outdoor cinema hire Sydney have to offer.

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