Tips on how to Detect a Detroit Diesel

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Detroit Diesel is definitely an industry-leading manufacturer of medium duty, heavy duty, and extreme duty diesel engines.

Founded as part of General Motors’ Diesel Division in 1938, Detroit Diesel engines have discovered used in many different applications, including large trucks, agricultural equipment and industrial uses. Currently, Detroit Diesel is often a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks. Popular Detroit Diesel engine lines are the DD-series, and also the 53, 60, 71 and MBE-series’ engines. Identification depends on locating the model and year designation that comes with the engine ID tag.

The first step

Locate the Detroit Diesel engine ID tag. You are going to commonly discover the ID tag about the valve cover at the top of the engine, or in its vicinity, to the right or left of computer. The ID tag style changed in the past, though the information seen on it essentially continues to be same.


Obtain the engine model number around the ID tag. Based on the Wisconsin Bureau of transportation identification guide, the ID tag offers the model designation, the device production serial number and also the model year, and various information. There is a Detroit diesel engine model within the engine series heading, usually over the unit serial number.

Determine 4 seasons of production. You’ll normally discover the year of production on the upper right-hand corner of the engine ID tag.


In order to see the ID tag, it could be essential to cleanse it which has a rag and cleaning solvent.
The standard color for Detroit Diesel engines is green, although some people might engines models are painted light blue, like the model 60, or black, such as true of models DD13 and 15.
Stuff you will require:

Cleaning solvent

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