Forms Of E Liquid & Tips On How To Pick Out One

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E-liquid, also known as ‘vape liquid’ or ‘vape juice’, is the fluid found in vape kits and e cigarettes to make flavoured vapour.

E liquids are manufactured from 3 primary elements; vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and flavourings. Most e liquids also contain nicotine, however there are plenty of flavours of vape juice which may have nicotine free options.

You will find many ‘types’ of e liquid, however they generally all fall under a couple of main categories. In case you are not used to vaping, it’s a good idea to know what these are to enable you to choose the correct type to your vape kit or e-cigarette.

Varieties of E-Liquid
All e liquids possess a ratio of two important ingredients. They’re VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol). VG can be a thicker substance whereas PG is thinner. Different ratios of such ingredients will impact the viscosity of the vape liquid and so which varieties of device they’ll be the best option for. They also have an impact on the vapour and ‘throat hit’ that the e liquid will produce:

E-liquids with a VG bias usually produce larger vapour clouds with hardly any throat hit.
E Liquids using a PG bias supply the hit towards the back with the throat that is often favoured by those looking to quit smoking. These liquids usually make a more subtle volume of vapour.

Eliquid PG & VG Ratios
Most e liquid bottles will indicate what ratio of PG and VG ingredients they contain. This can be information to work out which vape experience you’ll get and which devices they’ll be well suited for.

Vape Liquids with Over 50% VG
These will be ideal for kits and coils with lower than 1 ohm resistance. These coils are usually provided for vape kits created for ‘sub ohm’ or ‘DTL’ vaping.

Vape Liquids with more than 50% PG
These is going to be well suited for kits and coils using more than 1 ohm resistance. These coils are often given e-cigarettes made for ‘classic’ or ‘MTL’ vaping.

Vape Liquids which has a Balanced 50% PG/50% VG Ratio
50/50 vape liquid will be suitable for use generally kits, tanks and coils. However, in case your coil’s resistance is below 0.4 ohm, we may recommend picking a better VG eliquid.

How to Find Out Which E Liquid is right for My Device
The easiest and fastest way to achieve this would be to consider the coils for the device. Replaceable coils will usually contain the ohm rating printed on them. Look at the metal casing to check out the ohm rating, then make reference to the guidelines above to determine if you should utilize a higher PG or more VG e liquid.

As above, as long as the ohm rating isn’t super low, a safe and secure bet would be to invest in a balanced 50% eliquid.

How Do I Decide the best Nicotine Strength For me personally?
Typically, consider choosing an e-liquid with 3mg of nicotine if you only smoke one or two cigarettes each day, 6mg should you smoke under 10 daily and need a small amount of throat hit, 12mg if you smoke around and above 20 a day and18mg if you’re a heavier smoker.

There are also e liquids available with no nicotine. However, in case you are looking to give up cigarettes, you may want to focus on an e-liquid that assists you with cravings from the first few weeks or months once you have stopped smoking.

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