The cladding of the facade with natural stone

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The external finish is the first thing that catches the eye when looking at any building, therefore this type of work requires special attention and scrupulousness, though the cladding of the facade with natural stone can be done in different ways. Experiencing the facade of a residence by using a stone is worthy of particular attention. Not only the aesthetic component played a decisive role in choosing this material for facade work, although a solid and noble stone has always been considered a sign of wealth and delicate taste. durability and Reliability are seen as the hallmarks of your rock. The most prevalent options for exterior cladding of structures are marble, limestone and granite dolomite.

The development of the facade of residences from natural and artificial natural stone is one of the principal profiles of our own exercise. Unprocessed resources for producing facades and design types are shipped in from the most significant deposits in various parts of the world.

The production possible of Billiton Service is on a regular basis up-to-date with new items from respected companies. With the aid of present day equipment, we minimize finishing panels of varied sizes and shapes. Waterjet reducing technological innovation is commonly used to create the tiniest elements that impress with jewelry accuracy, competent ornaments, and impressive specifics.

This site offers a full range of services for the production of curtain walls manufactured from gemstone. The real difference in between these facades and others is the actual existence of a ventilated gap involving the weight-showing walls and doing panels, which are attached to a stainless steel or galvanized structure. Important experience of the installation of ventilation facades created from natural stone and a big profile of efficiently finished physical objects let our specialists to implement projects associated with a difficulty, regardless of the chosen material.

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